1. ANY ACCIDENT or INJURY that takes place on the fishery, (No Matter How Small) MUST BE REPORTED to the Management or Member of Staff on the day of the accident.
  2. ALL LITTER MUST BE TAKEN HOME, each fisherman is held responsible for any litter on his /her peg or nearby area unless the management is notified of previous abuse. UNDER NEW E.E.C. RULES, ALL LITTER MUST BE TAKEN HOME.
  3. NO FISH to be taken from the fishery or BROUGHT ON to the fishery, DEAD OR ALIVE.
  4. ANY PERSON caught stealing will be prosecuted.
  5. ALL FISHERMEN must book in before commencing to fish.
  6. NO RUNNING around the Pools, Lakes or Canals.
  7. Environmental Agency Rod License required.
  8. Vehicles and cycles must be left on the car park at your own risk, THE COMPANY ACCEPT’S NO RESPONSIBILITY.
  9. NO DOGS allowed.
  10. Radios can only be used if left at a reasonable noise level as NOT to affect other fishermen.
  11. TOILETS to be used at ALL times.
  12. NO FIRES.
  13. ALL RULES & SIGNS must be obeyed.
  14. ALL COMPLAINTS Please refer to the Management or Member of Staff on the day.
  16. THE COMPANY MANAGEMENT ACCEPT’S NO RESPONSIBILITY for loss or damage to Fishing Tackle left Unattended.

General Rules

  1. BARBLESS Hooks Only.
  2. No hooks above size 12
  3. No fishing between pegs
  4. Landing nets must be used and fish handled with care
  5. Fish must not be thrown or tipped into the water (ANYONE CAUGHT DOING SO WILL BE BANNED).
  6. All nets must be dipped before using.
  7. Keepnets for matches only. (50lb’s net limit).
  8. You must have at least 2 nets when fishing matches.
  9. One rod/line ONLY – not to be left unattended.
  10. NO Groundbait (paste on the hook is allowed)
  11. Pellets in moderation and any unused must not be tipped into the water or on the bank.
  12. The Management reserve the right to change Match Venue at anytime.
  13. No Floating poles
  14. Floats MUST be used when pole fishing

Baits Not Allowed


These rules are to protect the fish, and to keep the fish and the water quality at a level you would expect from a quality fishery. The Management will have the right to change any match venue at any time at their discretion.