Mosella 2017 Individual Summer Series

The Mosella 2017 individual summer series to be held at Hall Lane Fishery in Parbold –
Confirmation of Dates – Please Note these are all Saturday’s:

13th May
27th May
10th June
17th June
1st July
22nd July
5th August
26th August

Rules –

  • fishery rules will be adopted.
  • £25 entrance fee to be paid upfront, I will post details up in the next couple of weeks.
  • 8 matches in total this is to allow 2 matches to be dropped to allow for hols etc.
  • This will be a points based league which allowing anglers to drop their worst result and resulting in final individual prizes. (Dependent on numbers but top 3 minimum)
  • Also our sponsor has kindly offered prizes for the winners.
  • £20 pools per match which includes peg fee, paying out section prizes & top 3 (again dependent on numbers)

Names booked on to date –
1,  Ian Simpson
2, Lee Murphy
3, Phil Welding
4, Phil Henry
5, Steve Broadbent
6, Matty Ruddy
7, Craig Whittaker
8, Rich Gillet
9, Gareth Gibbons
10, Mike Rowlands
11, Lee Saville
12, Mark Wareing
13, John McFarland
14, Lee Riley
15, Nick Haymes
16, Jason Maclean
17, Gary Matthews
18, Jonny Mawdsley
19, Mark Travis
20, Steve Cuddy Cudworth
21, Lee Gerrard
22, Steve Barker
23, Stuart Bird
24, Carl Durant
25, Dennis Jones
26, Jason Twinny Wardley
27, Mike Rogerson
28, Kev Gallagher
29, Jonathan Jowett
30, Aaron Woody Woodward
31, John Coppock
32, Mark Howarth
33, Marc Ellement
34, Andy Mckavett
35, Danny Wilson
36, Jake Robinson
37, Stephen Hilton
38, Andy Bennett
39, Simon Shepard
40, Tommy Petrez
41, Gaz Isherwood
42, Peter Richmond
43, Ste Fisher
44, Jay Berry

If anyone else would like to fish please let me know.
Thanks for your support.

Paul Kaye (via Facebook)

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